The White Mosquito (2012) HDTV 360p

In a quiet provincial town, two policemen named Schraube and Wattner are leading a contemplative life. This changes immediately, as mayor Billing has an ominous idea. If the two policemen don't want to loose they idyll, they have to use unfair means. So they do it, with fantasy, vicious humor and deadly consequences.

Can't take my eyes off you (2016) HDTV 360p

A classy mansion on the outskirts of a big city. The terrace door is open. Anne wonders why. She can't remember having opened the door and her daughter Lisa is still out. When she returns home, Anne tells her the news that her father canceled the weekend trip. As always, it comes to an argument between mother and daughter. The stubborn teenager locks herself in the bathroom. She finds the words "Daddy hates you!" written on the bathroom mirror. Lisa knows exactly who did this. Her drunk mother wants to drive a wedge between Lisa and her father. But suddenly Anne has a horrible realization - The two of them aren't the only ones in the house.