Kuma (2012)

IMDb 6.7 Genres:

Ayse, a beautiful 19-year-old girl from the Turkish countryside, is chosen to be married to the handsome Hasan, son of formidable and house-proud mother Fatma, who resides in Vienna with her husband and six children. However, what soon becomes apparent is that Ayse is to be second wife to Fatma's husband. This tight-knit family go to great lengths to preserve traditional values, and although polygamy is illegal in Austria, Ayse is welcomed with warmth. Yet, her presence in a country whose language and culture is entirely foreign to her immediately marks her as an outsider. As Western societal norms and Muslim religious beliefs draw closer together in an ever diversifying family unit, tension...

Das deutsche Kind (2017) 480p

IMDb 6 Genres:

Director: Umut Dagn
Cast: Murathan Muslu, Neshe Demir, Katrin Saß, Malina Harbort, Sue Mossbauer, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Lutz Blochberger, Vedat Erincin