Wayward: The Prodigal Son (2014) DVDRip 360p

IMDb 7.3 Genres:

80,310 Aufrufe Tyler ist der Sohn eines reichen Unternehmers und könnte in der Firma seines Vaters Karriere machen, wenn er nicht im Gegensatz zu seinem braven Bruder so ein Rebell und Flausenkopf wäre. Also lässt sich Tyler von seinen lieben Eltern seinen Erbteil auszahlen und verlässt die Familie Richtung Las Vegas, ohne zu ahnen, dass sein Vater bereits schwer an Krebs erkrankt ist. In Las Vegas aber ergeht es Tyler schlecht, und bald wollen ihm grimmige Gangster an den Kragen. Jetzt könnte er die Hilfe seines Vaters gut gebrauchen.

Company Business (1991) DVDRip 480p

Rogue CIA agent Sam Boyd is called back by "the Company" to do some work. Namely a hostage trade of jailed Soviet spy Pyiotr Grushenko for an American agent the Soviets had taken. In the newly united Germany the trade goes bad and Grushenko and Boyd find themselves on the run from both the KGB and the CIA as they unravel an International espionage plot set at the end of the Soviet era. American and Soviet find themselves in an uneasy partnership as they hop around Europe trying to stay alive. Notes: Baryshnikov hated this movie he refused to even do publicity for it.

Stranger - Wüste der Gesetzlosen (1995) DVDRip 480p

IMDb 3.6 Genres:

The small town of Lakeview, Arizona has been taken over by a violent gang of bikers. The local sheriff is too afraid to do anything to stop them ever since his fiancee was murdered while trying to bring evidence against the gang to the FBI. One day, a mysterious woman, who looks exactly like the sheriff's fiancee, comes riding into town on a motorbike and starts killing members of the gang. Who is this avenging mystery woman?

Duell der 7 Tiger (1979) DVDRip 360p

IMDb 6.6 Genres:

Defeated in a match at Shaolin, Wu Kung wanders China till he finds his own temple and style of fighting: Tang Sao Do Karate. Years later, student and ninth successor, Hsi Man Kwong challenges and crumbles all the Chinese kung fu schools in the area.

Desert War: Hinter feindlichen Linien (1998) DVDRip 720p

IMDb 4.0 Genres:

Two marines, who are brothers, travel to the Persian Gulf to sort out an Iraqi terrorist situation. When one brother is shot down behind enemy lines, the other defies orders to rescue him. But a death squad of Iraqi soldiers is following close behind him...

Die Rache des Dr. Fu Man Chu (1967) DVDRip 720p

IMDb 5.3 Genres:

Director: Jeremy Summersn
Cast: Christopher Lee, Douglas Wilmer, Tsai Chin, Horst Frank, Noel Trevarthen, Maria Rohm, Tony Ferrer, Peter Carsten

Pottoriginale: Roadmovie (2017) DVDRip 480p

IMDb 7.9 Genres:

Director: Gerrit Starczewskin
Cast: Thomas Dragunski, Micheal Möller, Thias Teuwen, Uwe Fellensiek, Anthony Arndt, Klaus Fiehe, Rene Frauenkron, Helmut Josef Geier