The Good, the Bad, the Weird (2008) 1080p

53 years ago 2,270 Aufrufe Drei Outlaws - Ein Plan - Keine Gefangenen: In der Mandschurei der 1930er, einem Land der Gesetzlosigkeit und Revolverhelden, führt das Schicksal drei unterschiedliche Ganoven auf der Suche nach einer mysteriösen Karte zusammen. Do-won, the Good, ist ein gerissener, einsamer Kopfgeldjäger, der sich nicht in die Karten schauen lässt. Chang-yi, the Bad, führt eine Bande knallharter Ganoven an. Er kann es nicht ertragen, den Kürzeren zu ziehen. Tae-goo, the Weird, ist ein scheinbar unbedarfter Zugräuber, der neun Leben zu haben scheint.

Heaven's Soldiers - Armee der Welten (2005)

53 years ago The movie follows two sides: one army whose orders are to deliver a nuke and the other army determined to stop them and try to get the nuke away from them...  See full synopsis »

Superfighter 3 (1979)

IMDb 7 Genres:

53 years ago Jackie Chan is a youngster, living in a remote vllage with his grandfather who teaches him Kong-Fu (naturally). He keeps getting into fights, even though his grandfather warns him not to show their Kong-Fu to others. Jackie, though, is tempted by some thugs he beat up to act as the master of a Kong-Fu school. This school's name apparently spreads far, as an old enemy of Jackie's grandfather (who turns out to be the master of an old gang or something equally obscure) shows up and kills him. Jackie goes on training with the help of another member of the old gang, until he can eventually get revenge.

Doomsday Book (2012)

IMDb 6 Genres:

53 years ago The First Chapter of The Anthology Film- In A Brave New World, a mysterious virus brings the city to ruins and zombies flood the streets of Seoul. The Chapter 2, The Heavenly Creature, a robot reaches enlightenment on its own while working at a temple. Its creators regard this phenomenon as a threat to mankind and decide to terminate the robot. The Last Chapter- Happy Birthday, a little girl logs into a strange website and puts in an order for a new pool ball for her billiards-obsessed father. Soon an unidentified meteor heads toward Earth and all human beings flee to underground bomb shelters.

Detective K - Im Auftrag des Königs (2011)

53 years ago Im Korea des 18. Jahrhunderts spürt der königliche Geheimagent K unter Einsatz des eigenen Lebens einer Mordserie unter Leuten der besseren Gesellschaft nach. Reich ausgestattetes und actiongeladenes Kostümabenteuer aus Südkorea.

Aachi & Ssipak (2006)

IMDb 7 Genres:

53 years ago In a future where energy is made from fecal matter, the government rewards defecation with "juicybars". Small-time hustlers try to get rich while fending off the mutated Diaper Gang.