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Eyes Wide Shut (1999) 1080p

IMDb 7 Genres:

In seinem letzten Werk Eyes Wide Shut entwirft Stanley Kubrick basierend auf Arthur Schnitzlers Traumnovelle ein erotisches Drama mit tiefenpsychologischem Ansatz. Handlung von Eyes Wide Shut Der Psychiater Dr. William Harford (Tom Cruise) und seine Frau Alice (Nicole Kidman) gehen beide ziemlich seltsamen sexuellen Phantasien nach, die sie langsam aber sicher auch in der Realität ausleben. Als sie selbst vor außerehelichen Abenteuern nicht halt machen, begeben sie sich auf einen psychologischen Trip zu ihrer eigenen Identität und den seelischen Tiefen ihrer Beziehung.

End of Days - Nacht ohne morgen (1999) 360p

IMDb 6 Genres:

On December 28th, 1999, the citizens of New York City are getting ready for the turn of the millennium. However, the Devil decides to crash the party by coming to the city, inhabiting a man's body, and searching for his chosen bride, a 20-year-old woman named Christine York. [If he bears her child between 11:00 PM and midnight on New Year's Eve], the world will end, and the only hope lies within an atheist ex-cop named Jericho Cane, who no longer believes in God because of the murder of his wife and daughter.

Die Thomas Crown Affäre (1999)

IMDb 7 Genres:

Self-made billionaire Thomas Crown is bored of being able to buy everything he desires. Being irresistible to women, he also does not feel any challenge in that area. But there are a few things even he can't get, therefore Thomas Crown has a seldom hobby: He steals priceless masterpieces of Art. After the theft of a famous painting from Claude Monet, the only person suspecting Thomas Crown is Catherine Banning. Her job is to get the picture back, no matter how she accomplishes her mission. Unfortunately, Catherine gets involved too deeply with Thomas to keep a professional distance to the case. Fortunately, Thomas seems to fall for her, too.

Die Frau des Astronauten (1999)

Die Astronauten Spencer Armacost (Johnny Depp) und Alex Streck (Nicj Cassavates) fliegen ins All, um Reparaturen an einem Satelliten zu erledigen. Bei dieser Tätigkeit bricht für einen kurzen Moment der Kontakt zur Erde ab, die beiden Astronauten verlieren das Bewusstsein. Als sie wieder auf der Erde sind, verhalten sich die beiden seltsam verändert, Streck stirbt kurz darauf. Armacosts Ehefrau (Charlize Theron) macht sich große Sorgen um den Gesundheitszustand ihres Mannes, der unvermittelt den Raumfahrerjob an den Nagel hängt. Sie hat jedoch zunächst keine Möglichkeit, ihrer Beunruhigung auf den Grund zu gehen, bis ein ehemaliger NASA-Mitarbeiter bei ihr auftaucht und eine bedrücke...

Deep Blue Sea (1999) .SD 360p

A businessman sinks $200 million into a special project to help fight Alzheimer's disease. As part of this project, medical biologist Susan McAlester rather naughtily figures out a way to genetically enlarge shark brains, so that disease-battling enzymes can be harvested. However, the shark subjects become super smart and decide they don't much like being cooped up in pens and being stabbed with hypodermics, so they figure a way to break out and make for the open sea...

Das Geisterschloß (1999)

IMDb 5 Genres:

A remake of the classic 1963 movie "The Haunting" about a team of paranormal experts who look into strange occurrences in an ill-fated house. Through the course of the night some will unravel, some will question, and all will fight for their lives as the house fights back.

Das Auge (1999)

IMDb 5 Genres:

British Consulate investigator Det. Stephen Wilson, a.k.a. the Eye, comes across a disturbed lady serial-killer while on an otherwise mundane assignment. Already a bit psychologically fragile from his wife's abrupt removal of herself and their daughter from his life (with the lingering memory of his daughter haunting him like a manifest ghost), his psychosis as a displaced dad dovetails with the femme fatale's psychosis as an abandoned daughter (crying "Merry Christmas, Daddy" over her expired victims). A bond forms, or, rather, an obsession, as the Eye abandons his job to secretively stalk this mysterious woman full-time as she visits many major U.S. cities under various names, le...

Corrupt (1999)

IMDb 2 Genres:

After decades of terror, two deadly street gangs reach a delicate truce and young MJ (Silkk the Shocker) sees a way out of the hood once and for all. Only Corrupt (Ice-T) stands in MJ's way, resulting into a violent and brutal roller coaster ride of action!

Brokedown Palace - Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt (1999)

IMDb 6 Genres:

Alice and Darlene, best friends, decide to take a trip to Thailand to celebrate high-school graduation. While there, they are befriended by charming Australian rogue Nick Parks. Nick convinces them to take a weekend side trip to Hong Kong, but at the airport, they are busted for smuggling drugs. They are convicted in a show trial and sentenced to 33 years; in desperation, they contact Yankee Hank, an American lawyer based in Thailand who has been reported to be helpful if you've got the cash.

Bringing Out the Dead - Nächte der Erinnerung (1999)

IMDb 7 Genres:

Martin Scorsese schickt Nicolas Cage in Bringing Out the Dead als Sanitäter hinaus in die Nächte New Yorks. Um das Leben anderer Menschen zu retten, muss er dabei sein eigenes aufs Spiel setzen. Frank Pierce (Nicolas Cage) ist Rettungssanitäter in New York und kommt jede Nacht mit dem Tod in Berührung. Mit seinen Kollegen Marcus (Ving Rhames) und Tom (Tom Sizemore) kann er viele Leben retten, und lernt dabei auch Mary (Patricia Arquette) kennen, die Tochter von einem Komapatienten. Doch je länger Frank seinem Job nachgeht, desto mehr nimmt ihn seine Arbeit mit, sodass er schließlich glaubt, die Geister von Menschen zu sehen, denen er nicht helfen konnte.

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